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Pizza Ovens
PIZZA OVEN 550x430x245mm 1.5KW

Pizza oven
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PIZZA OVEN 550x430x245mm 1.5KW

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions(HxWxD): 550x430x245mm.
Power: 1.6kw.
Weight: 19kg.

Pizza ovens - not only for pizza; small, handy and functional; ideal for pizzas, toast, quiche, pies and tarts.

Entirely in stainless steel with Scotch-Brite-Finish, they have a sturdy and compact shape.
Model FP 36R is available with one chamber and is equipped with a cooking top in refractory material.

The chambers of all models are insulated stainless steel, both the upper and the lower electrical heating elements are in AISI 321 in order to guarantee a uniform baking.

The panel board features two pilot lamps, one for the voltage and the other for temperature control. The right side-panel can be taken off to facilitate electrical maintenance operations.


List Price: £416.10
Web Price: £312.08